March 29, 2018 – Newport News, VA – CEO Jeff Wassmer incorporated Spectrum on March 27, 1999 in Hampton, VA.  The company first operated in Warner Robins, GA and relocated to Hampton, VA upon a significant contract award.  In 2009, due to exponential growth, the company outgrew its headquarters location and moved to Newport News, VA.  Today, we have employees across the country in various locations.

Several milestones mark the achievements and successes of the company and each one centers around dedicated and passionate employees, and a customer who provides a critical mission for our nation’s livelihood.  Some of our favorite accomplishments include: Flying all employees to our corporate headquarters for an all-hands meeting and surprising them with our re-branding in 2006; doubling our employee base in less than one year’s time (2009); announcing our Employee Stock Ownership Plan benefit in 2007 and increasing employee-ownership to 45% in 2014; investing in technology initiatives in recent years and growing those markets; and revealing an updated Vision statement earlier this year for our team to drive their focus over the next five years.

CEO Jeff Wassmer states, “As with any company, we have had our trials and tribulations, but we continue to drive the focus forward and on our mission. As a team, we plan for the success of our customers and our future. We celebrate our successes and always remain thankful for the talented individuals who make up our company.  I am blessed for the mentors who have given their time and imparted their knowledge and I learn from our employees every day. Nineteen years of service is the result of dedication from my family, Spectrum’s leadership as well as all employees who have entered our doors and left their mark.”

Spectrum is a veteran and employee-owned business that serves the Department of Defense, federal and state agencies plus select commercial clients. Diversifying from a foundation of providing the National and DoD intelligence community with innovative, realistic and affordable solutions in technology, Spectrum offers full system support from assessment to design, development and implementation.  Our employee-owners take great pride in exceeding client expectations. To learn more, visit our corporate website at