June 28, 2023, Chesapeake Bay, VA – three of our own, William Washburn, Bradley Schulz, and Brad Waters, as well as other CENSECFOR staff, had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours on the water with CENSECFOR Level 2 Coxswain (boat drivers) instructors.

After a safety brief and quick orientation on the 11 Meter Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) they pulled away from the pier, exited the channel, and entered open ocean (aka the training area) where they were given a chance to experience how the boat handles and maneuvers.

Thankfully, the bay was calm and they were able to hit speeds near the boat’s limits. Ryan performed high speed turns, a crash-back (going from forward to reverse quickly), and they even got to do some “wave hopping”. Other than getting a little wet and bounced around some, they returned pier-side with more knowledge and a greater appreciation for what CENSECFOR instructors do.

Site Lead Kevin Catherman states, “As a member of the CENSECFOR team whether you are staff or a contractor, we are all working towards the same common goal of training the fleet. Anytime you are given the opportunity to witness and participate in some of this training firsthand, well that is a good day. Not only are you walking away with tremendous memories (which only a small percentage of people have) you now have a better awareness of what the trainees will be experiencing.

Safety brief and boat orientation by Ryan McClellan and Nate Chundrlek, two of the senior instructors.

Bradley, Brad, and other CENSECFOR staff between Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel bridges.

Back pier-side after a great, safe, time. The only casualty…Brad’s hat, which he didn’t properly secure before a high speed maneuver and watched as it flew away…a gift to King Neptune.

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