April 28, 2020 – Newport News, VA Spectrum was founded on innovation. With a motto of Envision the Future, Spectrum leadership has a long-standing history of innovation and technology-based solutions. Go-Box Chrome, a Chromebook deployment automation solution growing in popularity in school settings, was born out of this innovation mindset. We are proud to announce that Go-Box, a wholly owned subsidiary of Spectrum, has surpassed initial goals and continues to grow in demand. Go-Box celebrated a major milestone in total number of fielded units in February 2020.

The Go-Box team continually strives to deliver a user-friendly and reliable product to every customer, and excellence in customer service and improvement. The Go-Box sales team works hand in hand with the product designers to ensure the customer’s needs drive new development efforts forward.

CEO Jeff Wassmer states, “We believe in our team, their expertise and their ideas. While we cannot fund every idea to fruition, we are a 45% employee-owned company and we owe it to our team to embrace their ideas. It is not one person who drives success but the collective efforts and passion of all. We are proud of our Go-Box team and the user-experience they provide. The future is positive and I look forward to seeing how this endeavor grows.”

To learn more about the Go-Box product, FAQs and read firsthand feedback from some of our valued customers, visit https://go-box.com/.

Spectrum is a veteran and employee-owned business that serves the Department of Defense, federal and state agencies plus select commercial clients. Diversifying from a foundation of providing the National and DoD intelligence community with innovative, realistic and affordable solutions in technology, Spectrum offers full system support from assessment to design, development and implementation. Our employee-owners take great pride in exceeding client expectations. To learn more, visit our corporate website at www.sptrm.com.