March 27, 2015 – Newport News, VA – Spectrum was founded on March 27, 1999.  The company historically provides A&AS services support to the Air Force.  Spectrum has found great success in this facet and has developed a strong reputation due to the ethics and expertise of our employees.  Over the past year and a half, while maintaining its service to the Air Force, Spectrum began pursuing more strategic efforts to build its business base outside of its traditional market.  This includes diversifying the company’s customer base to other branches of the military and developing technology products that will be marketed to military and commercial sectors.   The company has also proudly developed a methodology where employees can advance themselves within Spectrum with its Find It, Win It, Own It program.  Employees bring an array of skills and potential partnerships to the table.  Spectrum empowers employees to follow those partnerships through with this mutually beneficial program.

Spectrum CEO Jeff Wassmer states, “In the past three years, we’ve seen a tougher climate that has forced us to look at our bottom line. Our Board of Directors has clearly defined our strategic plan and we have diversified our business base to align for success and remain viable.  I have truly enjoyed watching the company and our employees grow with me on this journey. I have learned a lot from so many and I am thankful for our success.  I look forward to what Spectrum of the Future will be.”

Spectrum is a veteran and employee-owned business that serves the Department of Defense, federal and state agencies plus select commercial clients. Diversifying from a foundation of providing the National and DoD intelligence community with innovative, realistic and affordable solutions in technology, Spectrum offers full system support from assessment to design, development and implementation.  Our employee-owners take great pride in exceeding client expectations. To learn more, visit our corporate website at