Newport News, VA – On September 8, 2010 The Spectrum Foundation hosted its first Compass Pointe building-wide barbecue. Almost 100 guests and Spectrum employees attended the event and enjoyed an outdoor barbecue featuring various picnic favorites.

The pooled contributions of all participants totaled nearly $1,000.00. These funds will be distributed to various charitable and not-for-profit organizations throughout the area. The Spectrum Foundation Board of Directors and the committees plan to host similar events throughout the year.

Jeff Wassmer, Spectrum Foundation President, states, “The Foundation wanted to host an event that would benefit charitable organizations but also strengthen the sense of community we have at our corporate headquarters.

Spectrum is a veteran-owned small business, founded in 1999 to serve the Department of Defense and the US Government. In 2009 Spectrum established the Spectrum Foundation to serve the needs of the community. The Spectrum Foundation represents all Spectrum employees and family members. The Disabled American Veterans organization is the primary benefactor of the Foundation, however, various other not-for-profit organizations also receive funds and donations.