Since the Spectrum Foundation’s inception on January 1, 2009, the Board of Directors and all committee members have been busy laying the framework for the Foundation. Charters had to be created, positions had to be established and laws had to be made in order to ensure that the Foundation was being as fair as it could be in its contribution giving. While the Foundation members worked hard at building the foundation they also worked hard at giving. Starting out the year with $25,000.00 the Spectrum Foundation has given time and money to numerous causes and organizations such as the VA Living Museum, Light the Night Leukemia Walk, Soles 4 Souls, and Orphan Helpers just to name a few.

One of the biggest accomplishments of the year was in choosing the Primary Beneficiary that the Spectrum Foundation would give half of all of its earnings to each year. The Board decided to focus on veteran-related organizations and narrowed it down to the Wounded Warriors and Disabled American Veterans. After a company-wide vote the favorite emerged as the Disabled American Veterans Organization. At Spectrum’s recent Hampton Roads Holiday Party a check for $12,500.00 was presented to a local DAV Representative. He attended the celebration with 150 Spectrum employees and their spouses and took the time to give a short presentation during the party.

Also during the Holiday Celebration a silent auction was held with all proceeds going to the Spectrum Foundation. There were over 45 items donated from Spectrum and its employees and families. After 3 hours of intense bidding the auction ended and $4,074.00 was raised for the Spectrum Foundation. The auction was a tremendous success and Spectrum looks forward to getting its other locations to participate in raising money for the Foundation during their holiday celebrations.